Prepare for an exhilarating episode of the HiflyMedia podcast as we embark on an incredible journey with Shawn Kelly, the owner and operator of Paradise Seaplanes.
Photograph by Dean Saffron

From a former pilot and flight instructor with Chopperline Flight Training to the proud founder of a unique seaplane operation, Shawn’s story is filled with adventure and passion for aviation. 

Paradise Seaplanes, recognised as a Travellers’ Choice award-winner for Attractions and Activities Worldwide, operates the only Wilga 80 Warbird on floats in the southern hemisphere. This remarkable achievement sets them apart and showcases their commitment to providing a truly extraordinary experience for their customers. 

Join us as we delve into Shawn’s aviation odyssey, from his early days in the aviation industry to the inception and growth of Paradise Seaplanes. We’ll explore the challenges and triumphs he encountered along the way and the joy he derives from sharing the thrill of seaplane flying with others. 

Shawn’s extensive experience, coupled with his unwavering dedication, has paved the way for Paradise Seaplanes to become a renowned name in the industry. His commitment to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable memories is evident in every aspect of his operation. 

Don’t miss this captivating episode where we soar through the skies, dive into the world of seaplane adventures, and uncover the passion that drives Shawn Kelly and Paradise Seaplanes. Tune in to gain insights into his journey, the unique aspects of seaplane flying, and the magic that awaits in the aerial paradise he has created. 

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