Capturing moments in space and time...


Why do I love capturing photons?…

When given the chance to photograph any of the wonderful or beautiful creations on this earth, I’ll take it!  It certainly helps when you live in one of the most paradisical locations on the globe!  I love the challenge of capturing a bird in flight, a scenic panorama, or even something manmade in amongst it all. It’s definitely exhilarating!  Furthermore, ever since I was a little kid I have had a love of all things mechanical.  Especially anything with wings or wheels.  She could have 2, 4, or 18+ wheels, or even be captured defying the laws of gravity!  Whenever I can, I’ll take the opportunity to attend events with my camera in hand, looking for the ‘shot of the day’ of someone’s pride and joy, or something flying by.

In more recent years, I’ve taken on the challenge of capturing celestial objects either in our solar system or deep space.  My father is responsible for getting me hooked on the stars.  As a 9 year old boy, I recall looking in awe through his telescope at Haley’s Comet  (On a side note, the next predicted perihelion (point at which it will be closest to the Sun) of Halley’s Comet is 28 July 2061 – I hope I’m still alive to see it!).

After purchasing my own telescope suitable for astronomical photography and coupling it with my camera has provided me the platform to capture light (photons) thousands and even millions of years old, emitted from from objects in deep space.  The colours and beauty found in the night sky never cease to amaze me.  Being a social creature, one massive bonus has been the comradery formed with the members of the Brisbane Astronomical Society.  This has been a wonderful addition to an already fantastic past time.

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