Get ready to soar to new heights with Nick Bowie, as he shares his inspiring journey from childhood aviation enthusiast to commercial helicopter pilot!

Nick Bowie is a successful entrepreneur, passionate hunter, and commercial helicopter pilot. On the High Fly Media podcast, he shared his insights and experiences in aviation, including how his love for flying was inspired by his father’s work in the aviation industry and his childhood experiences living near an airport in Auckland, New Zealand.  Nick’s father worked for National Airways Corporation (what became the domestic arm of Air New Zealand) and was in charge of ground supervisor duties, including weight and balance on all aircraft.

Growing up, Nick was exposed to aircraft flying over his home on a daily basis, in particular the Hueys and Wasps of the Royal New Zealand Navy, inspiring his love for helicopters. His childhood experiences also flights on the Grumman Goose amphibious aircraft with his father’s pilot friends, spending summers on Waiheke Island.

Nick’s passion for aviation led him to obtain his commercial helicopter pilot license. Nick’s journey in aviation is a testament to the power of inspiration and passion. His story serves as a reminder that following one’s passion can lead to incredible opportunities and experiences.

I hope his story will inspire you to pursue your own passions and explore the opportunities they may lead to. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and fascinating insights on the HiflyMedia podcast.

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