Upset Prevention Recovery Training: Paul Strike’s Passion to Enhance Pilot Safety

In this episode of the HiflyMedia Podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Paul Strike, an aviation expert with an incredible journey in the industry. Paul’s passion for aviation began as a young cadet in the Royal Australian Air Force Air Cadets, and he went on to join the Air Force, where he mustered to avionics and learned to fly gliders on the side. Today, Paul is the brainchild behind Bad Attitude Advanced Flight Training, specialising in upset prevention and recovery training.

During our conversation, Paul shared his passion for aviation safety and how he is dedicated to helping pilots better train to become safer and more effective. He spoke in-depth about his work in Upset Prevention Recovery Training and the importance of recognising and responding to unexpected flight situations. Paul’s insights were both informative and inspiring, and I certainly left the conversation with a renewed appreciation for the critical role that training plays in aviation safety.

Overall, this episode of the HiflyMedia Podcast was an incredible opportunity to learn from a very experienced and dedicated professional in the aviation industry. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did and that it inspires you to pursue your passions with the same level of dedication and commitment as Paul.

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