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Join podcast host Damien as he shares his journey from aviation enthusiast to becoming a commercial pilot.​

Welcome to the HiFlyMedia Podcast, a show dedicated to sharing the stories of amazing people who make aviation happen. Hosted by Damien, the inaugural episode takes listeners on his personal journey with aviation. Growing up with a father who served in the Royal Australian Air Force, Damien’s passion for flying started at a young age. His love for aviation, coupled with his experiences seeing his father work on aircraft, sparked a lifelong dream to become a pilot.  After pursuing a different career path for fifteen years, Damien’s dream became a reality when he kicked off his flight training. From there, he achieved his private and commercial pilot licenses, multi-engine command instrument rating, and turbine endorsement.

In this episode, he recounts his personal journey with aviation and the challenges and triumphs he experienced along the way. With more stories to come, listeners can expect engaging conversations with pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, and others who make aviation happen. You are invited to join Damien as he uncovers the people and passion behind aviation… one story at a time.

Damien with the CFI (Graham Geraghty) after his solo flight – 13 November 2009 

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